Workforce development & skills building

Let the CCC and PRC help you acquire the skills for the next step. Are you looking for help with a resume? Considering going back to school? Just need a professional to talk you through the options? We can help. Take the first big step and change your life.

are you ready to get back to work?

Let us help.

The Castro Country Club has been partnering with PRC (formerly Positive Resource Center) on our joint Job Training and Skills Building Program (JTSB) since 2016, and have helped dozens of folks find the additional support to keep moving forward. Eligible volunteers who enroll in this program receive education, training, and supportive services to assist finding and maintaining employment or prepare for enrolling in school. 

The first step is to volunteer at our coffeeshop. The JTSB program utilizes our full-service coffee shop to develop job-related skills and attributes in a structured environment that is empathetic and supervised. 

In addition to the practical job-related duties performed on-site, people in the program have the opportunity to participate in employment counseling, interviewing and resume writing, computer skills training, alongside other, tailored resources and support services.

If you want to participate, sign up to volunteer or email to get connected to PRC.

what people say

Lauren Vega, Employment Specialist, PRC
Let us help you

“A lot of people I see are coming out of a darker place. I become part of their support team. Sometimes I’m their biggest cheerleader. It’s more than ‘let me do your resume.’ There’s so much more support.

It gave me confidence

"The idea of returning to work was frightening to me. I decided I wanted more out of my life, but my biggest obstacle was not believing in myself. The workforce development program connected me with training through PRC … Even better, it gave me confidence in myself."

2020 Gala, District 8 supervisor, Rafael Mandelman
The CCC supports sobriety and recovery

“The CCC is one of the most important institutions in the Castro. We were very excited to partner with the CCC around job help folks who are getting sober have a way to earn a living and to support that sobriety and recovery going forward.”

Troy Boyd, Program Graduate, Employment Specialist, PRC
Giving back...

"The Castro Country Club allowed me the safe space to volunteer, grow my network of support and eventually get me a career in workforce development; giving back to the same community that helped save my life."