the cafe

Our cafe is the Heart of the CCC and the place where we build community. Hang out before and after the meeting or maybe meet a friend. The safe cozy environment provides the perfect place to build your social support system and have coffee & a snack.

the ccc cafe is open 365 days a year

Since we opened our doors in April 1983, the mission of the Castro Country Club has been to serve as a sober gathering place for all people and to be a home for the queer recovery community.

Come in, sit with your sponsor or friends, and grab a cup of Peet’s coffee or tea. A variety of recovery fellowship resources, such as books, workbooks, and daily meditation guides, can also be purchased at the Cafe to support your ongoing journey. We also have medallions and greeting cards to celebrate your sobriety milestones or to give as gifts for your friends.

The Café is operated and maintained by 50+ volunteers. Volunteering provides an opportunity to strengthen our recovery through service to others – an integral component of many recovery programs. For people whose work lives have also been impacted by addiction, volunteering can also be instrumental in the preparation for returning to work. 

If you are interested in supporting the Cafe, please click the VOLUNTEER tab on the navigation bar.

what people say


"I’m 37 years sober, in part due to the Castro Country Club… Community means to me a sense of safety, camaraderie, and a shared vision."

Raul Isais
Meet friends

"I've been coming to the CCC for over 10 years. I've been to hundreds of meetings here. Today I help out as a volunteer to give back to a place that's been a safe space to meet friends, have coffee or do some work. Billy & Brandon are awesome! I love the Castro Country Club and I hope it is around for another 39 years"