staff & board

Why are you part of the Castro Country Club?

Our Staff

Billy Lemon-Executive Director

Joined as staff 2015. The reason I love my job is it allows me the opportunity to see folks change their lives. Working in some small way everyday as a catalyst for change is pretty awesome.

Brandon Stanton-Manager

Joined as staff 2016. I'm here at the CCC to see people's lives change the way mine has been changed.

Our Board

Matt Walding-Treasurer

Joined Board in 2016. Governance/Finance/
Fund Development & Communications/
Programs & Services
The Castro Country Club saves lives. The CCC is a place where folks in recovery can find community, acceptance, love, and purpose. It's much more than a coffee shop or meeting house. It's truly a safe space and an oasis for our community.

Mike Shaw-Chair

Joined board in 2019. Governance/ Finance Personnel/Programs & Services/ Fund Development & Communications. The opposite of addiction is community and the CCC for me is the embodiment of belonging, laughter and love.

Jonathan Deason

Joined board 2023. Finance/Fund Development/Programs & Services The CCC serves a vital need as a welcoming spiritual refuge in the heart of the Castro-a place to meet friends, grab a coffee and feel the love.

JayDe Leonard

Joined board 2017. Fund Development & Communications/Programs & Services The CCC has been near and dear to me since 2002 when I started as a volunteer. I needed the CCC then and now I serve on the board to make sure there is a safe place in our community when it feels like there is nowhere else to go.

Ben Houston

Joined board 2015. Personnel/Finance/

I take pride in having served as a CCC board member since December of 2015. I wholeheartedly have a responsibility and believe it's a privilege to be of service. The CCC helped in saving my life and helped me find my fellows in a loving queer community. Overall, i want to continue to witness the CCC save others who seek wisdom, serenity, courage and joy one day at a time.

Patrick Smith

Joined board 2012. Governance/Finance/
Diversity and having compassion for my fellows is the reason I serve this organization. I want to ensure every individual that walks through the doors of the CCC feel welcomed with open arms.

Matt Graves

Joined board in 2023. Governance/Finance/
Fund Development & Communications/
Programs & Services
. My life has changed in unimaginable ways because of the Castro Country Club. I want to give back in any way I'm able to as it raises awareness and provides a safe space for our community.

Mike Shriver

Joined board 2018. Fund Development & Communications. The CCC helped save my life. It's a privilege to help guarantee its future.

Scott Butcher-Secretary

Joined board 2018. Fund Development & Communications. Being on the board keeps me connected to the community that saved my life. It's a connection I never want to lose.

Franz Lao

Joined board 2017. Programs & Services-Workforce Development. CCC has been an important component in my recovery by providing a place to do step work, connect with the community, and learn to live sober. I serve on the board to ensure the CCC doors remain open for all seeking healing, joy, and a new way to live.

Lindsey Tucker

Joined board 2017. Programs & Services-Community ARTS. You can help others change their lives, simply by living your truth. The Castro Country Club is my sober home and it's an honor to serve on the board.

Jason Taylor

Joined board 2021. Programs & Services. I am part of the Castro Country Club because they helped save my life and the lives of so many people I care about.

Zachary Davenport-Vice Chair

Joined board 2021. Programs & Services-Community ARTS. The Castro Country Club has been the center of the lifeboat for me since I moved to San Francisco in 2006. It is a sacred space and community that inspires, supports, and saves lives. I am honored and grateful to get to serve on the CCC board, and to give back what has been freely given to me.

In loving memory-Crispin Hollings

Joined board 2021. Fund Development/
. I appreciate the opportunity to be part of furthering a secure future for the CCC, whose work and presence are invaluable to the City of San Francisco.

Minh Quan Huynh

Joined board 2022. Programs & Services-Community ARTS. I am here to give back a small portion of the support and love I've received.