Whether you enjoy fundraising, A drag show, playing sports, the community of holiday celebrations or simply being of service......we have a place for you!

For most, recovery means an end to isolation and the start of being part of a community greater than yourself. This sense of fellowship and peer support develops naturally when you socialize in the Castro Country Club and join us in sharing experiences.

Events you will find throughout the year:

  • Our Holiday & Thanksgiving Potlucks
  • Annual Gala 
  • The CCC WeCare Project
  • Rafting trips, BBQs, and other outdoor activities
  • DRAG Shows
  • Movie Nights
  • Birthday and Sobriety Anniversary Celebrations
  • Artist Receptions
  • VOLUNTEER appreciation events
  • Street Fairs

what people say

This is my village

There’s no such thing as me being alone and trying to recover on my own. This is my village. One of my favorite memories is coming here for the holidays. I usually make the mashed potatoes…”


"The Castro Country Club is the center of my community, my personal life, and my friendships."