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What started as a way to connect during the lockdown, continues on with our “at the CCC” podcast, featuring Bonnie Violet, Anthony and Lou Lou. Our guests speak on everything from managing shame in recovery to spirituality, always striving to create a brave space to engage in topics of recovery.

Watch this video shot during a podcast recording with Billy Lemon, Executive Director of the Castro Country Club, where he explains what The Castro Country Club does, then listen to other episodes by clicking our YouTube Channel button.

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WATCH our Favorite Podcast Episodes

“Grief and Loss in recovery”

Join Bonnie Violet, Anthony and Lou Lou every Tuesday at 4pm


Join Bonnie Violet, Anthony and Lou Lou every Tuesday at 4pm

“connection- Chemistry or Formula”

Join Bonnie Violet, Anthony and Lou Lou every Tuesday at 4pm

Our Hosts

Bonnie Violet
Hi! I am a trans femme gender queer spiritual drag artist, identity doula, digital chaplain, person living with HIV in recovery whose drug of choice was alcohol, meth, and ecstasy. All that sparkles, Bonnie Violet she/her
Link to Bonnie
I'm Anthony. I'm an addict and alcoholic, a Latinx cis gay male, a 6th year doctoral student in clinical psychology with an MA in Psych and an MS in Applied Psych. I love me a bag of peanut M&Ms, a chill game night, and I care about YOU!
Instagram: alucasccc
Lou Lou
51 year old Black Gay Virgo Man, living in the Duboce Triangle of San Francisco, exploring his pan side. Retailer by day DRAG Queen by weekend for fundraising. Self proclaimed funny and spiritual. In recovery from Crystal Meth for 13 years. In search of balance.
Instagram: Louilou86