Art Show

January 1st 2024

The Castro Country Club Community Arts program is proud to present Vince Thomas

Super Natural

Using both traditional and novel representations, these images explore the symbolism of the portal: a bi-directional opening , precipice, or moment between "this" and "that", what we know and the mystery beyond . Crossing these thresholds-through ritual, sorrow, loss, courage-always imparts something unimaginable to an earlier self.

Using multiple exposures and centering images to foster a visual meditation, these portals range from the recognizable to the fanciful to the unexpected. Moving from one image to the next, look for archetypal, transpersonal, and metaphysical energetics that are both alluring and unsettling. Exploring which of these appear more or less inviting, and why, may give insights into beliefs, desires and fears associated with past, imminent, or distant transitions.

At the highest level, my photography attempts to capture a visceral vision of the surreal, the unseen unseen-able. i believe freshvisual perspectives can enhance our collective humanity and expand our definitions of beauty.

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