Events & Holiday Gatherings

Whether you enjoy nature, prefer the club, play sports, or enjoy a potluck, find your community here!

In addition to hosting incredible, inspirational art at The Club Gallery [LINK], find your community by joining us at:

  • Mascara - our free drag and talent extravaganza, featuring creatives from the San Francisco drag community, as well as debuting performance artists, singers, and dancers since 2010 
  • Our Holiday & Thanksgiving Potlucks
  • The WeCare Project Annual Light in the Grove
  • Our Club-sponsored softball team, rafting trips, or other outdoor activities

Testimonials From Our Community


“It’s like Cheers without the booze. I mean, who doesn’t want to go where everyone knows your name?!”

“There’s no such thing as me being alone and trying to recover on my own. This is my village. One of my favorite memories is coming here for the holidays. I usually make the mashed potatoes…”

"The Castro Country Club is the center of my community, my personal life, and my friendships."


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