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Community Arts Program

Exhibition & Submission Guidelines

The goal of the Castro Country Club Community Arts Program is to exhibit work by local artists, both professional and amateur, in a safe space that garners recognition and respect for artistic expression, and provides an opportunity for our community and the general public to experience, appreciate and understand various art forms.

Exhibition Guidelines

  • All art must be original to the artist, cannot include copyright or trademark content, and shall not contain images or content deemed obscene by the CCC Programs Committee.
  • Artwork will be previewed prior to display by CCC staff and/or Programs Committee member(s).
  • Artwork is ready for display. CCC will provide support and supervision for installing and removing artwork.
  • The CCC cannot store artwork when not on display. The artist is liable for any damages to CCC property that result from installing and removing artwork displayed.
  • The CCC assumes no responsibility for theft, damage or destruction of items on the premises, and does not carry insurance for artwork on display. An inventory of displayed pieces will be confirmed by CCC staff or designee.
  • CCC reserves the right to remove artwork from display at any time. The artist will be provided 24 hour notice if artwork has been taken off display.
  • Artist may request an opening reception; however, any receptions or events must be coordinated with CCC staff and/or Programs Committee member(s).
  • The artist shall use the cards and template provided by CCC for identification of artwork displayed and the artist statement.
  • CCC will be responsible for publicity for the exhibition on their website, social media, and in the email newsletter.
  • Contracts for work sold will be coordinated privately between the artist and CCC.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Provide pictures of representative artwork to the email(s) provided.
  2. Complete a CCC Community Arts Program Contract, including providing a W-9 tax form.

Any concerns about an exhibit should be emailed to Billy Lemon, CCC Executive Director (wlemon@castrocountryclub.org). These concerns will be shared with Lindsey Tucker, Community Arts Program Co-chair, and Programs Committee members for review.